Weatherford Chiropractic (P.L.L.C.)

Insurance Coverage

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Many residents of Weatherford , and its surrounding communities, are not fortunate enough to have employers who provide Insurance Coverage of any kind, or are simply unable to afford to pay for the premiums charged by insurance companies.
One of the objectives of this office is to provide Chiropractic Services to as wide a population as humanly possible, as we have a firm belief, that Chiropractic care is best suited as a PREVENTATIVE HEALING ART, and one that should be made available to everyone, so that they may enjoy the benefits of a better quality of life.
 We will certainly complete your forms for you if you wish us to do so, as an "OUT OF NETWORK" licensed provider, however our rates are so structured that they are approximately what the "AVERAGE"  co-pay would normally be, or less than that.
Payment for services rendered are expected at the time of the visit.


We will process whatever form of payment is most convenient for you inclusive of local checks and cash !

IT PAYS !!!!!!