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Department of Transportation
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Facts that you should know:
Certifications are known as:
DOT Medical Examinations
CDL Medical Examinations
DOT Physical Examinations
CDL Physical Examinations

Beginning in May of 2014, all examinations done for DOT cards MUST be done by a federally certified examiner !
Dr. Stern has taken the required Federal Course of instruction, and passed the Examinations given by the Department, he appears on the National Registry of Medical Examiners , and is a Certified Medical Examiner.
the DOT card ( short form and the long forms) you will be issued will have his federal registration number  on it.

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Weatherford Chiropractic P.L.L.C. and Dr. Neil Stern are members of a National network of fully trained

Medical Examiners,  called TEAM CME serving hundreds of Motor Carriers all over the United States.

He is also a member of the DOT doctor network


Please be certain to see one of these approved examiners if your need a new card or renewal of your current card...

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